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Música miércoles - bracket style

Confession: I love stealing borrowing using all of the great resources shared by generous bloggers and tweeters. I rarely use anything in my class that I have created from scratch. Sometimes I feel bad about this (for a split second) and them I remember that something from a seasoned, expert teacher is probably much better than what I would have come up with. Plus, let's be honest, chasing a BUSY toddler around does not leave a ton of extra time around to spare. 

Case in point:
I have been wanting to do a Spanish music bracket this year for class, but the inspiration was just not striking and the time just was not there.  
Then last night while scrolling through my phone I found..
***Cue magic wand sound effect***
this awesome post by Bethanie Drew.
There it was, a perfect bracket that was not too big and was filled in with current and popular Spanish songs. The timing could not have been better since today is Música miércoles, and we were just returning from a mini Spring break (Monday & Tuesday). This means kids were wound up and introducing a music bracket challenge was the perfect way to start out our short week. 
bracket of songs by Bethanie Drew

Song Bracket Logistics:

  • I copied Bethanie's bracket on my side board using an old fashioned yardstick & chalk. If I had been planning ahead & my computer had not been stolen I could have typed up nice titles to use on a wall bracket. 
  • Each day all classes will vote on the match up of the day. I decided to spread the songs out, but it could easily be completed and then discussed all at once. Here are some possible ways we will listen to our "match" of the day:
    • Today to introduce the bracket I played both songs & all students put a tally mark on the board for their song of choice. 
    • Post the 2 songs on Google Classroom or our class Twitter account to listen to as homework with a poll or Google form to vote. 
    • Have the task at a listening station. 
    • Use songs as students enter or as a brain break between activities. 
    • Winning extra votes could also be a "prize" in class. 
Here's to a mad & musical March!

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