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Individual Novel Study in Spanish class

As I mentioned in my post about this year's curriculum, Spanish IV will be finishing the
year doing an individualized novel study. Honestly when I wrote that I was not really sure what that meant for the class, but I knew with their feedback I would come up with a framework for how it would work to have every student in the class reading a different book. Through a couple grants I was able to purchase a variety of books for my classroom library, but besides my class sets, I only have one of each of these books. I want to allow these high level students choice and the chance to differentiate based on their reading level, but logistically I am still figuring out how it will all work out. For now here is the basic outline of this quarter for Spanish IV.

Individual Novel Study in Spanish class

  1. Choose novel to read (TPRS Level 3 or equivalent)
  2. Set reading goal for how much to read per day or week
      • 20 minutes of SSR class time Tuesday & Thursday
      • The rest will be outside of class
  3. Guided reading with the following resources
  4. Weekly discussions with class, group, or partner covering the following topics
    • Characters
      • Personality traits, past, decisions
      • How change through the novel
    • Setting
    • Themes
    • Plot/ Ending
    • Personal feelings & connections
    • Criticisms & Evaluation

Interpersonal Speaking
Book discussions and free writes will occur on a weekly basis and all of the summative components will be due at the end of the quarter. (Two days for project presentations and one for presentational writing)
  • Formative - weekly class discussions 
Interpretive Reading
Presentational Speaking
  • Summative - Present project to the class in Spanish
Presentational Writing
  • Formative - weekly free writes
  • Summative - presentational writing assessment

I would love any feedback or advice if you have done something similar in your class!


  1. Thank you so much for this. How did it go? Any reflection on how you would do it differently?
    Also, what did you do in class when they weren't reading?

    1. I have another post on here with a reflection and sample projects students completed. With this highly motivated class, it went well. With my current Spanish 4 we are doing a variation but with lit circles. This particular group would not do as well each reading heir own book, as they are very dependent on discussing with others for confidence. I am working on a lit circle post soon. While they read I did a mix of walking around asking questions, as well as doing reading myself. We had weekly guided interpersonal and free write topics such as characters, setting, theme, etc. I put them with pairs to compare and contrast their books. We also watched Internado in Friday & taught lessons in the elementary every other Wednesday. Let me know if you have more questions!


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