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#Confession #1

One of the reasons I started blogging was I wanted new teachers like me to see that not everyone in the blogosphere has it all together. We are human, we make mistakes. It is not all sunshine and rainbows, but it is OK if we are learning a growing from these mistakes. So #confession time, here are just SOME of the mistakes I made this past week:

I used reading and writing in Spanish as a punishment, again. 

Having that class of mostly freshman boys at the end of the day constantly tests my patience, especially on Friday. Some days I try and push through the disrespect and talking over me as I attempt to circle, personalize, and work through a reading together. Other days I reach my limit and stop and stare at them and see how long it will take them to realize I am standing in front of them waiting to continue. Sometime I continue on, but others like this week, I snap and say you must silently finish the reading and questions on your own and turn it in at the end of class. So much for TPRS strategies, old school marm it is. 

I gave a 0 on a project

A board game created for a choice board end of novel unit was turned in with questions straight from the Internet. Hint: if you are going to copy questions from the Internet, change the numbering so it makes sense. A quick Google search of one question in quotes came up with the full list of questions. I entered a 0 and told the student to come talk to me about options. I know that this will tank their grade and will not be a true reflection of their learning, and would be willing to let them do a new project to show their skill and regain points. But, the student will not admit that it is not their work or talk to me about redoing the project, so the 0 stands. 

I freaked out on 3 students

I am all for having fun and joking around, but if you lie to my face when I confront you about a situation, I may freak out on you. Three boys were the victims of my wrath when they assisted in the prank of stealing a girl's phone, passing it to a kid who took it to another class, and then lying to my face about it. Do I think the yesterday's full moon had anything to do with the Friday crazies? You betcha. Could there have been better ways to handle the situation? Absolutely.

How to learn & grow from here

This time of year is HARD for teachers. It is still cold and grey and gross outside and everyone is just fed up with winter and being cooped up together. It is BURN OUT season, where everyone is over school and the end of the year seems too far away. So, I need to step up my A game, and try and bring back some positive energy to end the year with a bang. 
So to end on a positive note, here are some of my wins for the week:
  • A very successful "MORP" dance put on by my great Student Council to raise money for Stand for the Silent, which including me doing the "Single Ladies" dance. 
Have a great weekend! - Allison 

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