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Typical Week - No Textbook Needed!

I always enjoy seeing what a "typical" day or week looks like in other other classrooms. But as you know the "typical" weeks are actually the minority this time of year when you factor in snow days, late starts, Catholic Schools week, MAP testing, state wresting, speech and band competitions, and everything else that comes up. This year I am really trying to just roll with it and be as flexible as possible. Stressing out about missing a day will not get me anywhere, and having an extra day of plans is never a bad thing when planning as a department of one! So here is what is going on in my Spanish I-IV classes this week. 


This week we had a snow day but normally we start with some kind of Para Empezar bell ringer such as here or Para Empezar for Novice.


We start both Tuesday with 5-10 minutes of free voluntary reading. (5 minutes for level I and 10 minutes for higher levels). Students know to go straight to the shelf and pick out something to read. See this post about how I started my own classroom library, this post about how to get money for your books, and this post for how I got 240 books in Spanish from a $500 grant. 


Wednesday is Música miércoles, where we start class with a song. This week we will be listening to Soledad by Don Omar. For past weeks check out Música miércoles, Más Música miércoles & Música miércoles 3 (NEW!). 


Just like Tuesday, we start with 5-10 minutes of free reading. 

  • Spanish I - Búscalo day 6. Use laminated grocery ads and recipes to discover and compare typical foods and ingredients in Mexican cooking. 
  • Spanish II La Muchacha y la Ardilla day 6 part 2 & review Internado from last Friday.
  • Spanish III  - Robo en la Noche Read & discuss chapter 6
  • Spanish IV - Cajas de Cartón finish discuss chapter 5


baile viernes!
  • Spanish I - Start the movie Canela to expand our understanding of Mexican food. I adapted Kara Jacob's awesome upper level guide for Canela to fit my novice class. (I will be sharing it soon!)
  • Spanish II-IV - Watch & discuss El Internado. Spanish II just started this semester and is still on episode 1, and Spanish III & IV are on season 2 episode 2. 
***In honor of my 100 post coming out on Friday I will be throwing a 20% off SALE in my TPT Store (Senora Wienhold Mis Clases Locas) this Friday & Saturday February 6 & 7! This is your chance to stock up, as well as get my new Música miércoles 3

What does a typical week look like for you?


  1. Okay, so a question--I see you're doing Martina Bex's units with your Spanish 1. When I had tried using them, I found it difficult to keep the class motivated and paying attention. On at least one occasion, I would call on a student after asking a question, and the student would say, "I wasn't paying attention." I had several students who simply didn't care! It got really frustrating, so I kind of went back to the textbook... Have you had any similar problems? Just curious!
    Your week definitely looks fun. I think my biggest problem is motivation for my students...doing a silent reading sounds like a neat activity--one that I, personally, would like, but I can just picture all of my students zoning out instead of reading.

    1. I have had a lot of success with Martina's units in level 1. They have never used a textbook do they do not know any different. I love the variety of activities using all of the modes of communication. Using tprs techniques does require s lot of work and moving around the room to keep everyone engaged.
      As for choice reading I keep it really short in the lower levels, maybe only 5 minutes. I think the key is they have complete choice in what they read. It can be a magazine, picture book, or chapter book. Yes, some just kind of flip through, but I figure they are still I king up some new words and recognizing others. It helps to have them follow along with their finger to force them to slow down and try and comprehend.
      Good luck!


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