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Quick Tip: Drops - Choice HW Option

Today I have another option for Choice Real World Homework. previous new additions include #SpanStuChat  Trivia Crack, & Duolingo

This week Karen (@kltharri) mentioned on Twitter a new language app. Drops is a fun way to spend 5 minutes a day learning or practicing a language. There are options to play in Spanish, French, German, Italian & English. You can download the game in the app store

Similar to Duolingo, Drops is a game based way to practice a language. I have only played for two days (at only 5 minutes each!) working on my novice French skills, but I have learned quite a few new words. At the level I am at in the game the language is not being used in context, and I do not see how anyone could fully acquire a language just through an app like this, but I have to say it is FUN. With the 5 minute limit, it keeps the anticipation to play again another day, and it does not get stale in one sitting. 

How can you use Drops as a part of a language class?

  • I plan on adding it as an option for Choice Real World Homework. To earn "3 points" (1 weeks worth of points for Spanish III & IV) students can play Drops for 4 days @ 5 minutes each. Students will screenshot their progress. 
  • If there are class Ipads students could play 5 minutes as a Para Empezar bell ringer. 
  • Students could play Drops at a technology station with Ipads or BYOD.
  • Students could dual against a buddy either inside or outside of the classroom. 

Have you or your students used Drops? How?

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