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By far the most popular post I have is about my favorite part of the week, baile viernes! I know a lot of other teacher have started to implement it as well and I love seeing #baileviernes on Twitter. This past week on the blog Mi Clase Es Tu Clase, her song of the week was a dance song from baileactivo.

I started looking through the baileactivo Youtube channel and found there are TONS of great dance videos to use for class if you participate in baile viernes.


If you are not into dancing in class, their website would still be an amazing authentic resource in a healthy living unit. It is based out of Spain and has information about events, how to become an instructor and more. It would be a great new option for choice homework.

Do you do #baileviernes? If so, please share pictures or videos on Twitter or send them my way!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I was looking for more (appropriate) dancing videos for my classes and this Youtube channel is great. I think I overused all the songs from your baile viernes TPT package. Hahaha!! But now I can do different ones.


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