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Quick Tip: Introducing Colors

Before starting Chapter 1 of Carol Gaab's Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro I wanted to do a quick activity to introduce colors in Spanish. Chapter 1 mentions quite a few colors and I wanted to allow students a chance to discover then on their own. We had done this warm up activity when our high school students taught elementary Spanish lessons, but this was my first time completing it with high school level 1, and it was a surprising hit!

Supplies Needed Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils (with the label in Spanish) & Paper

Set the stage by introducing that there is going to be an individual & fierce competition. (This is the key for high engagement in my intensely competitive classes.) Have crayons, markers or colored pencils set on each table and have everyone get out a sheet of paper. Tell students their goal is to find as many colors as they can in Spanish (or French) using the labels. They will write them down in the target language, as well as color. Set a timer and let them loose. 

The students went from table to table so they could get the variety from different coloring utensils' shades of colors. I loved hearing the "light bulb" moments as I walked around hearing students exclaiming that they had figured our what "light" or "dark" meant by the pattern of the crayons. Speaking of which if you happen to have one of the giant sets of crayons with the very creative names, this game could go on for quite a while as students try to find them all! I had planned that this would just be a quick 5-10 minute start to our lesson, but the students were having so much fun with it that we ended up adding to their lists for a good 20 minutes. 

Once time was up, students traded twice to evaluate another list. They checked for duplicates and counted the number of unique colors listed. This also gave them a chance to see others that they did not have. Our winner got a goofy prize and the honor of having their name and score on the board as a goal for the next class to beat. 

Ideas for Expansion
  • Students sort colors into a certain number of categories based one their own personal justification (similar hues, those they like/do not like, similar spelling, rainbow order, etc)
  • Students ask and answer each other with the question, "what is your (least)favorite color?"
  • Play I spy using new colors and objects around the room
  • Play "stand if you.." based on if they are wearing a certain colored clothing item, or have a certain color hair, eyes, etc. 
  • Complete Twiccionario - Colores to practice colors in the context of real tweets
Happy Planning!


  1. Where do you get crayons and coloring pencils in Spanish?

    1. Check out your regular Crayolas! Most have English, French & Spanish on the labels!!


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