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Juntos by Juanes & McFarland: Sin límites

This week the always amazing Kara Jacobs shared a cloze activity for the new song Juntos by Juanes.  Her cloze activity can be found here.

It is from the new Disney movie McFarland, USA or McFarland: Sin límites in Spanish. I decided that the song would be this week's Música miércoles

I was interested in the movie so I watched the trailer below. 

McFarland, USA - Official Trailer

It looks like it is going to be a heartwarming, family friendly, sports movie about a coach creating a cross country team out of a group of mostly migrant farmers in 1987 McFarland, California. The movie comes out February 20 and I am interested to see it to find out what themes are addressed (immigration, migrant farming, etc). I was hoping to find a trailer in Spanish, but so far have just found the one below with Spanish subtitles. 

McFarland: Sin límites - Primer tráiler

I did find a couple great authentic articles below in Spanish that could be used to introduce the movie and song. 

I am excited to see McFarland, USA and hear Juanes in mainstream USA!


  1. I did this activity back in February with my level 3 students after showing them the movie trailer and they all got excited about it. Some of them even went with their families to see it. I'm glad I got a chance to speak to them about immigration issues, since I work in a suburban area here in CT where the hispanic population (mainly from Mexico) is growing. Thanks so much for your ideas.

    1. I am glad you fund it useful! I still need to see the movie myself, but I had students come back telling me how much spanish they picked up during the movie.


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