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When you lose your cool

We have That Class that likes to push our buttons. My first year it was every class. As the 3rd Spanish teacher in 3 years everyone was trying to get me to fail. The students constantly talked about all of the horrible things they had done to the previous teachers. But there was ONE CLASS in particular. ONE CLASS brought me to the brink of tears more times than I care to mention. This summer I wrote the post 10 things I learned my first 2 years teaching and you would think that I would not repeat these mistakes. But, I am human, and some days we all know there is a very fine line between having it together and loosing our cool. 

Today I lost my cool. 
I completely stopped what we were doing to have one of those sternly talk in a loud voice in English and really get there attention moments. 
I was sick of trying to talk over them. 
I was sick of their disrespect.
I was actually sick yesterday and had very little patience for their shenanigans.
I had weak lesson plan and this is a class that needs every millisecond structured or it becomes pure chaos.
I lost control and instead of using good behavior managements techniques, I scolded them in English. 
Instead of continuing with the lesson I used writing as a punishment. 
I told them they needed to silently write in Spanish about what we have been talking about this week and it was due by the end of class. 

And you know what. They wrote silently for 10 whole minutes. 
I took this time to cool off. 
I took deep breaths. 
I sat down and drank my water. 
A poster in our library
I walked around and regained my composure. 

I am by no means perfect. I know sometimes while reading the shiny, wonderful lesson plans and resources posted by other bloggers, I feel inadequate. Because I make mistakes. I stop mid lesson and I loose my cool. So today, there will be no shared resource, no great idea to implement tomorrow. Instead your nugget of wisdom from a tired, stick fighting sickness, mom of an infant, teacher is WE ARE ALL LEARNING AND GROWING. 

While writing this after school. A student from That Class came in to apologize for their behavior. It was exactly what I needed. 

So tomorrow I need to:
Admit I lost my cool & apologize
Make sure I have a solid plan for class so it does not happen again. 


  1. Thanks for writing this. I love browsing other teachers' blogs (yours included!) and though they have great resources, they also make me feel inadequate because my lessons never compare. Some teachers write as if every lesson is a success with every student, meanwhile I have daily struggles with classroom management and student apathy. So it's nice to know that even the teachers that write blogs as if they have it all together sometimes have issues like I do (sorry for the odd wording of that sentence!).

    1. Thank you! All we can try to do is make each day better than the last!

  2. As a first year teacher, I love hearing from more experienced teachers about anything they have to offer - the good, the bad and the ugly. I especially enjoyed the part where you mentioned how every class drove you nuts your first year because that is exactly how I'm feeling. Thank you for reminding us all that we're all human and that it's okay to be angry, even in the classroom, and even more importantly, how to use these experiences as a learning experience.

    1. Claire, It will get so much better I promise! I am sure you are doing a wonderful job. Now days like this are no longer the norm, thank goodness!
      Please let me know if you ever need anything! - Allison


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