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This year my school is going 1to1 with MacBook Airs, so we had an additional two days of technology PD before our contracted days start. We have a variety of technological abilities, so it started pretty slow (as in how to turn on the computer slow.) Luckily it picked up and I was able to gain some new (to me) Mac skills, as well as web 2.0 tools to try out this year. 

Mac Tips & Tricks

Inserting Video Reflection in Pages - This may be really old news as I have avoided Pages like the plague. (I thought there was no use for it since I have Word, I was mistaken.) Since this year the students will not be getting Microsoft office, I need to familiarize myself more with the Mac tools, and was pleasantly surprised with everything you can do! As a part of our PD we were given the "assignment" to predict how many drops of water each coin could hold on it.  We were instructed to make our predictions via video. In Photobooth we recorded our predictions, dragged it to the desktop, and then just dragged it into pages, so easy! This would be a perfect way for students to reflect on something in the target language. It also allows those who would rather express themselves orally an alternative to the boring worksheet route. 
Air Drop - After completing the above project we needed a way to share the large file, while still maintaining the interactive nature of the video. *This only works while being on the same WiFi connection.
In Pages Share> Send a Copy > AirDrop - choose Pages > Next (they will then pick your computer to share with)
Once a student shares something with you via AirDrop, you will need to confirm that you would like to download it via a pop up and then choose where you would like to save it. 

Web 2.0 Tools - We used Padlet as an online "cork board" to brainstorm ideas. The presenters created a "wall" or board with two prompts and had it set up so anyone with the link could click and add to the idea board. You could choose to use or name or keep it anonymous. If you would like to save the finished wall, you need to create an account, but others can add without having one. Once the ideas have been added you can also organize them in list form. This would be a great way for shy students to contribute to class discussions on novels, to prompt student thinking as a bell ringer, or to gauge learning at the completion of a lesson. - This site works with your Google Drive to let you take notes while watching a video. You just past the video URL or upload a video and it simultaneously take notes. This would be great to leave as a part of sub plans, or for students who were absent when you watched something in class and you want them to get that extra information that you add in. It syncs with Drive so everything is easily saved. There are so many possibilities!

A couple other items that were brought up that I have already used, love and plan on using this year are Kahoot! & Todays Meet.

What is a new tech tool that you can not wait to use this year?

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