Lista lunes 8.4.14 - Mis Clases Locas

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Meet Sra. Wienhold

Lista lunes 8.4.14


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Baile viernes - It is spreading!

I was really excited to see @srtajohnson13's class doing baile viernes last week. It is the first time I have really thought, wow someone is actually reading my blog and found something useful from it! If your class wants to participate please read the description in this post and tag @SenoraWienhold & #baileviernes on Twitter. I would love to show my students that there are others out there doing it!

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

It is back to school sale time at TPT today, August 4 and tomorrow August 5! Many shops, including my store will be a total of 28% off. Now is the time to stock up on time saving lesson ideas. 


How am I just now discovering the amazing Bloglovin!? It is an awesome way to have all of your favorite blog feeds in one place, plus they have an app as well, great for busy moms on the go. Also it was pretty cool to see that a couple people are following this blog! If you would like to follow as well I have a new button over on the right or you can go here.

I’m new to TPRS/TCI…Where do I start?

This awesome post by  is the answer to many of my questions as I start out attempting TPRS novels this year. Since I have not had any formal training yet, just stalked a ton of blogs and read the novels, it makes me feel better that she started the same way.

La Historia de los Mundiales

I am excited to talk about La Copa Mundial in class this year as well as incorporate many of these awesome resources from @sraslb

Happy Planning!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout (again)! I love your blog and I'm grateful for your awesome ideas!! Have a great week!!

    1. I should just start calling it Lista Johnson since you are a part of my favorite things every week!


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