Lista lunes - 8.11.14 - Mis Clases Locas

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Lista lunes - 8.11.14

What I am loving from around the web 

**Please credit the original sources and click on the links provided.**

Class Newsletter

Carrie Toth had the great idea of starting a parent newsletter for her Spanish class. She was generous enough to share her great first edition in this post on her blog. I would love to start on in my class, possibly quarterly, and I would love for students (maybe the Spanish club) to write articles so they have ownership as well. 

Esperanza Resources

This summer I decided that I would start Spanish III with the TPRS Publishing novel Esperanza. I was very excited to see that the talented Sharon Birch is also starting Spanish III with the same novel this year. That means she will be sharing lots of wonderful new resources, like this post with a great activity using the music of Gaby Moreno to introduce the novel. There are also awesome resources for the novel by Martina Bex & Profe Hanson.

CD9 - Ángel Cruel

This super catchy song will be a perfect upbeat song for música miércoles. The high school girls are going to love them, and even though the boys will complain about this boy band, I know I will catch them singing the memorable tune later. 

Robo en la Noche Resources

I know these posts by Cynthia Hitz (@sonrisadelcampo) are from a while ago but these new to me resources are awesome 
for the TPRS novel Robo en la Noche. As you can see have been blog stalking for ideas as I anxiously await 
the teachers guides of all of my new novels to arrive. 

This quote & This quote

I need to print these two reminders and post them by my desk. As I start the year I need to remember the kids who need our love and support the most will not make it easy for their teachers. I also need to make sure to praise them, and everyone else loudly, and save correction for quiet, private moments. 

Today is day of of professional development for me. Bring on the new school year!

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