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Lesson Planning Process

As I have mentioned before I am the one woman Spanish show, aka the only world language teacher in my district. This means that planning all four levels of curriculum is all up to me. My first year my goal was to have the next week planned by the time I left school on Friday. This made for a lot of hastily planned lessons after school on Friday as I desperately wanted to go home and start the weekend. Each unit went something like textbook vocabulary, vocab quiz, textbook grammar, grammar quiz, review, textbook test, repeat. I knew there had to be a better way, but I was just trying to stay afloat and make it week to week and all my student teaching and previous experience followed that boring pattern.

I spent the next summer trying to get ahead, as well as working towards a proficiency based curriculum. Thanks to many blogs I worked toward crafting "I can" statements for each unit. I also started planing whole units at a time with the end proficiency based assessment (not textbook test) in mind. Making the transition to planning a whole unit at a time was HUGE and makes so much more sense! 

I am nowhere perfect, but learning and growing these past two years, now my process goes something like this. 

1. (I used to) I fill out THIS FORM from the Creative Language class for each "I can" statement. This makes sure that I am covering reading, writing, speaking, listening and plan the assessment right away. I usually have more ideas listed than I actually implement, but it is always better to be over prepared!

2. Using all of these forms, I roughly figure out which activities will be completed each day using the school calendar on my day by day lesson plan think through. 

3. I input my activity plans for each day in my weekly lesson plan template. (Please excuse the formatting in Drive, usually it fits nicely on 2 pages). This is the form that I keep in the front of the room, which helps me to quickly transition between four levels of Spanish back to back, as well as see the whole week at a time. 

4. Implement lesson, take notes and revise for next year!

You can get all of my planning templates here.

Happy Planning!

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