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Bilingual Baby

My number one summer goal is to spend as much quality time with this little guy as possible, while I am home with him.  My hope is that this time is also spent immersing him in Spanish, since I am his primary source of learning the language. (Neither our daycare provider or dad speak Spanish.) I am by no means an expert, and am very new at this with our 4 month old but here is how I am attempting to have a bilingual baby someday. 

How we are raising our son to be bilingual

  • Mom speaks to baby in Spanish (as much as possible) & dad speaks to baby in English.
  • Read books to baby in Spanish. We have purchased books in Spanish, but we also borrow them from the library. Additionally, sometimes I will just use a book in English, but translate it myself. It is just as important to just talk about the pictures you see in Spanish as well. 
  • Tell baby about your day in Spanish. When I would pick the little guy up from daycare, I would just tell him what I did, as well as ask him questions about his day. 
  • Sing songs in Spanish. Since I did not grow up learning Spanish, I did not know many children's songs (besides the ones I sing with students), so I bought a book of nursery rhymes and children's songs in Spanish. Also, YouTube is a great source as well. 
  • Describe the world to baby in Spanish. When we go on walks I often look like a crazy lady jabbering away to him about what we see, hear and smell. 
  • Join a bilingual play group. This is not something I have found yet, but if anyone knows of one in the Cedar Valley area in Iowa let me know!
Am I worried that he won't speak English, or will be behind? No. Do I think that someday he will be grateful that he was given the opportunity to learn two languages from birth? I hope so. I would love any help or advice from someone who has their own bilingual baby!
- Allison 


  1. Love! This is a dream of mine someday too. Love the blog!

    1. Thanks so much! We will see if anything we are doing works once he starts talking :)


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