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What is new from Mis Clases Locas

New resources from Mis Clases Locas

As a teacher mom my time so precious and I would rather buy a ready made, teacher trusted activity or unit, than spend hours of my own time outside of school to make it myself. For me self care is all about buying great resources for others, because my four separate preps are not going to plan themselves!

To try and save you time, I have created some new resources since the last sale, that I think you will love. Here they are. 

Celebrate the diversity of the Spanish speaking world by highlighting songs from Afro-latino singers and groups. While you could use this anytime, February would be a perfect time for a song of the day or a mini unit to tie in with Black History Month. 
 Afro-latino del día - Song of the day - Black History Month

Per request, I am working a new full year of Para Empezar Bundle, that will hopefully be ready before next school year. I am creating in in pieces, so I just posted a new Música miércoles - 1 full year. It has 38 brand new songs that are not in other resources. I personally adapt it to fit all levels I teach. I also have new jaja jueves & baile viernes for a year as well. 
Música miércoles - 1 full year.

baile viernes for a year!

My first ever resource posted in French class is here! If you love baile viernes, tell your French teacher friends to check out its cousin, La danse de vendredi!

Find Someone Who PresentImperfect & Post Spring Break
After requests for more Super 7 resourcesFind Someone Who - Super 7 present & Find Someone Who - Super 7 Imperfect were born. They are a great complement to the Super 7 units. I personally used them later to spiral back and reinforce. I know some teachers have used they to have students one on one interview instead of walking around asking everyone, which is a great way to use the activity again in a new way! There are also many other Find Someone Who activities, including one for After Spring Break

March Music Madness 2018 & Bundle
This is the perfect time to get your Mania musical resources, as it will be the only time they are on sale before March. I have my brand new 2018 mania musica de mujeres, which includes my bracket for this year with all female singers or lead females in groups (to go with Women's History Month). Or if you want to plan ahead and have more options, this Growing Music Bracket Bundle has resources for four separate brackets, as well as gets a new bracket each spring when I add a new one at no extra charge. 

Music Bracket - mania musical de mujeres -Women's History Month in Spanish class

These are just the newest resources, but there are many others as well! There are resources for holiday activities including Valentine's Day Para EmpezarValentine's day reading & Las Fallas coming up in March. Para Empezar activities that can be used to start class or as brain breaks are always a hit. Novel resources complement the great teachers guides or this Literature Circle Unit I am using myself right now in Spanish 3. 

My own wish list has items from Spanish MamaCCC Spanish StoreSomewhere to ShareSr. JordanPlacido Language Resources & Martina Bex. What about you? What will you buy? Please share!

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