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Mania musical de mujeres - March Music Madness in Spanish class

It is about that time of year that everything is all brackets. This is my fourth year doing an all class March music bracket competition. I know there are MANY variations by many different teachers who are desperate to spice up a dreary time of year. 

Mania musical de mujeres - March Music Madness in Spanish class

Here are my previous posts, so you can see the evolution. It was not always a fancy astrobrights board. I have learned a few things the last few years. Here is our bracket evolution:

  • Music Bracket 2015 - My 1st bracket was quickly drawn on a chalkboard. (Winner Juntos - Juanes)
  • Music Bracket 2016 - Added an organized slide show for organization (Winner - Danza Kuduro - Don Omar)
  • April Bracket 2016 - Due to a switch of Trimesters, many did not get to vote in round 1, so we kept up the same bracket & just put in new songs (Winner - Waka Waka - Shakira)
  • March Bracket 2017 - My hs assistants were less particular and the actual bracket was not up to my OCD standards. (I have to learn to Let It I am not sure who won that year). 
  • Hispanic Heritage 2017 - To mix up the fall, we did my first ever Hispanic Heritage bracket with one song from each Spanish speaking country. (Winner - La Gozadera)
  • Mania musical de Mujeres 2018 - This year's bracket is all about the ladies! All songs are from female singers or groups with female leads, to tie in with Women's History Month. (Winner - TBD:)

If this is something you would like to do in class multiple years download the growing Bracket Bundle hereIt is updated to include 4 separate brackets (March 16, April 16, March 17 & the brand new March 18! It includes an editable slide show with embedded videos, bracket & bulletin board for each. If you already have it, make sure to download the new version. My plan is to keep adding my brackets each year to this bundle. 

How I Implement in Class

For logistics, all classes will watch and vote for one pairing each day. They will vote via google form if I am on top of it, or old fashioned tally on the board. To keep it easy for a department of one, all classes will have the same bracket, and as a school decide who wins and moves on. This way on the giant bulletin board we can all follow along with who is winning. I plan to post the playlist, bracket and voting forms on Google Classroom, and as a class starter or brain break, students will vote each day. We will probably start by watching them as a class, but once we have moved past round one, students will re-watch them on their own if needed and vote. 

I know many other teachers do something similar and each have their own twist. You could do the whole bracket in a couple days if needed, but I personally like to spread it out to give some life to a dreary time of year in Iowa. Some teachers also go much more in depth with later songs, learning about the artists, analyzing the lyrics and more. For me it is just a class starter or brain break to mix it up. 

If you are doing something similar, please share your bracket in the comments & I will add them here!

Mania musical de mujeres - March Music Madness in Spanish class

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