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1st Day Back From Winter Break Plans for all levels of Spanish

Happy New Year amig@s! I hope you have enjoyed your break. I watched season 2 of Chicas de Cable as well as am watching Gran Hotel (again!) on Netflix, spent quality time with my little family, and celebrated the life of my spit fire Grandma with my extended family. At 93, she and my Grandpa were only one month away from reaching the milestone of 70 years of marriage. In honor of Grandma, this year it is my goal to make my husband a priority. She had six kids in eight years, yet they made date night a weekly tradition, called each other "lovebird" and kissed in front of everyone every chance they got. 

We are back at school on Wednesday the 3rd and have students on Thursday the 4th. With that strange two day week, my plan is to ease into the new year talking about what students are dying to discuss, their break! To make things easy on myself and to have a work free break, I already have my first week back plans on my desk with copies made. Similar to my first day of school plan, I am adapting the same basic activity across all levels. If you are looking for a idea of something that you can adapt for all levels you teach, check out my plans below. (Or here is a full week of 1st week plans from two years ago). 

1st Day Back From Winter Break Plans for all levels of Spanish

1st day back from break plan

  • In Spanish, welcome students back and show them a couple pictures of my break, describing it in Spanish. 
  • Give students a couple minutes to brainstorm something they did over the break (and write it if they would like). During this time I will write some common phrases on the board as an example. I know even in a couple weeks they lose confidence and I do not want to put students on the spot. 
  • Discuss a few volunteers answers, circling and repeating the high frequency phrases.
  • Pass out different versions of the find someone who sheet, depending on class. (All of the versions discussed are included). Spanish 1 will get the most assistance, with the yo form listed to answer on the front, and the s/he form listed on the back to later talk about their classmates. Spanish 2 will also get the yo form listed, as to help with confidence using the correct yo form in past tense, and a word bank of possible s/he forms on the back. Spanish 3 gets the least support and will come up with the yo and s/he forms on their own. 
  • Before setting them lose, students will get a chance to look through the possible questions and make sure they know what everything is asking. We will clarify as needed, so once the activity starts, it can be in all Spanish. 
  • With a clipboard, sheet and pencil, students will go around asking each other the questions in Spanish. They will add in elaborating details and sign each others' sheets. 
  • Once they have all squares signed, students will practice the s/he forms by writing about what their class did. Depending on the class, you can see above how much assistance they get with the writing. All students will also write about what they did. 

Optional Extensions   
Depending on the class and interest I may pick a couple extensions. These would probably happen the next day depending on time.
  • Discuss as a class who did what. 
  • Make a giant Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting students, or the teacher and a student. (This would be a good way to add in the plural forms).
  • Have students draw what a classmate did. Put these up around the room or project with a document camera and guess who the picture is describing. 
  • Have students draw what they did. These could be used to have them describe to each other in Spanish or have the teacher use them to describe what they did. 
  • Play 2 Truths and a Lie (students write two things they actually did and one lie. The teacher then reads these and the class guesses who it was and what their lie was). 
  • Do a free write where students write what they did and what a classmate did. 

Other New Find Someone Who Options
If you like the idea of a people hint for your first day back but would rather focus on the present or imperfect tenses, please see these two new resources below. 
Find Somone Who - to discuss Winter break in Spanish class

Here's to am amazing 2018!


  1. Gracias! I am also going to have my classes make New Year's resolutions for themselves and their families, using "ir a" or the future tense, depending on the level.

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