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Lista lunes - Winter Holidays

Winter holidays are upon us! Tis the season to...relax and let someone else do the planning for you! Here are some holiday related ideas chronologically from now until 3 Reyes. I have a 2 day week, and each class is doing cultural pre novel activities. All novels will start a novel when we get back and power through during our four solid weeks, including the Friday before Christmas. We will be sprinkling some holiday activities during, as well as hopefully having a couple days at the end of the semester, as well as continuing once we are back in January. 

Lista lunes - Winter Holidays


If you are still scrambling for what to do this week, here are some easy ideas for you. 

Monday Post Thanksgiving 

Winter Para Empezar

If you want to add a little bit each day, here are 3 Weeks of daily class starters or brain breaks. (It has also been added to the Year of Para Empezar, so if you have that, download again for this new addition!)

La Lotería

My plan for the last few days before break is that each class will do a mini version of the Lotería unit from Kara Jacobs. 

Other fun little holiday additions

Since all other levels have done it, Spanish 1 and Exploratory will get to do the fun holiday plate sketch game the day before break. 

If you do not have time for a unit and just want a fun brain break, check out these holiday dances for any class, since they are not even in Spanish

Post Christmas Break

If you do not do it after Thanksgiving, it is also perfect after Christmas. 

A one day reading perfect if you come back at the end of the week and need a filler. 

More Holiday Ideas from the past

I wish you and yours a very blessed and relaxing holiday season. If you need me, you can find me chasing after an ornery one year old, who has most likely stolen another ornament from the tree and run away giggling. 

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