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Hispanic Heritage Month - Music Madness in Spanish class

Guess what time it is almost again? Hispanic Heritage Month! Last year I realized as a Spanish teacher, I need to do a better job using this month to celebrate the diverse cultures of the Spanish speaking world. I did a post with a lot of ideas for HHM here Lista lunes: Hispanic Heritage Month, but was on maternity leave the entirety of September 15-October 15. Last year I also created a popular resource, 1 Song from each Spanish speaking country. It has 22 songs, one for each of the school days from September 15-October 15. By request, I created another version with 22 MORE songs, 1 from each country & then version #3 for 2018.  You can also get all 3 sets for a deal. Here are ideas of how you can use these songs this year, from least time commitment to the most. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Music Madness!

Song of the day Transition

My English teacher BFF next door picks one song each day to play loudly in her room during our four minute passing time. She writes the song and artist on the board, and plays it as soon as the bell to end class rings. As soon as the bell to start class rings (or the song ends), the song is turned off and no instructional time is used. Her students are VERY into it and come to check the song before they even have class. This would work great for hispanic heritage month, playing 1 Song from each Spanish speaking country each day. I bet the tradition will continue after October 15 as well :)

Para Empezar Class Starter

Use the first 3-5 minutes of each class during HHM to play a song. You can quickly mention where the song is from, using a map to show where in the world it is. Depending on the level, you can also evaluate the song, from a basic "(no)me gusta" in level 1, to more elaborate critique in upper levels. 

Cantaninja Brain Break

Using Martina Bex's Cantanija procedure, you can have a student pick when during each class the song is played. They yell Cantaninja! and everyone stops what they are doing to watch the song of the day. (Usually that person picks the song, but during this month you could just play the next song). If you would rather have more control of when your brain break is, just plan to play this song at a good breaking point. If using it as a brain break, I would let students walk around, dance and move, just as long as they are watching and listening. 

Song of the day - dig deeper

If you have more time to dedicate to Hispanic Heritage Month, you could go even deeper. You could split up the artists/group of each song, and have students do some research on the song, artist, country etc. These could be shared around the room gallery walk style, or even in the hall or somewhere in the school, to help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month school wide. 

Music Madness Bracket

This idea was from the awesome Sarah Whisenhunt. When she got version 2, she told me she had a head to head playoff/bracket in mind for version 2 songs vs. version 1 songs. This could be done very similar to the popular March Madness Music Bracket. If you have the time you could show two songs per day, and then have the class vote. If not, it could be homework each day to listen to the 2 songs and vote using a Google form with the links included. After the original 22 days, you could keep voting as a class, or just assign it as a day activity (or even sub activity for fall state language conferences), where students listen to the songs and complete their own personal bracket. 

If you plan to do a bracket with both slideshows, I just added a simple bracket to both slideshow resources to try and organize it. Since it is not a nice number like 16 or 32, there are are some in a play in round and I only included 20. (Symmetry is important to me;). In the bracket, there is a link to an editable Google Sheet, so you can adapt and change it as you would like. Also, if you already have the slideshows and want to do a bracket, go to my purchases and download the newest versions. That way all the songs line up in the same order.  

Hispanic Heritage Month Music Madness!Since I was gone during HHM last year, I decided that we will do a bracket, but for the sake of time only using slideshow version 2. Once again the lack symmetry got the best of me with 22 songs competing. No, it is not an even match for every song. Yes, my board looks like packman. No, I did not allow enough space for this board and everything is crunched. 

To be efficient, instead of putting all of the song titles like I do during March madness, I just reused Spanish speaking country signs that I already had in my filing cabinet (yeah hoarding!) that I am pretty sure came from this unit. I hope it will put more of an emphasis on the songs' related country. 

The plan is to watch a pair of videos per day, and have all classes votes combined to decide who will move on. Depending on the class and what we are doing that day we may watch at the start or class, as a brain break, or at the end as a reward. We will either vote on Google forms, or old school with tally on the board. We will start September 15 and using just one slideshow, there are 20 match ups, perfect to finish before quarter 2 when my exploratory group ends. 

Remember you can also get all 3 sets here!

Hopefully this will be a fun way to spice up the fall! What are your plans for Hispanic Heritage Month? Please share!

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