Currently...September 2017 - Mis Clases Locas

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Currently...September 2017

It is back to school crazy time! I feel like I have been neglecting the blog, but it it because I feel like I am always trying to check off my ever growing to do list. Since my mind is all over the place it is time for another currently post. Here are some thoughts, ramblings, and current favorites of a Spanish teacher. 

Currently...September 2017 - Mis Clases Locas

Time and place: 9pm in the basement. Both boys are hopefully down for the night. Scratch that, the three year old just woke up scared about something. He was so tired he pulled up invisible pants after going potty. 

Anticipating: A new blog design. For the first time ever, I have hired someone (Rachel, who did my great logos last year) to give the blog a face lift. In the past 3.5 years it has just had a good ole free Blogger template. We all grow up sometime, right!? 

Enjoying: Hispanic Heritage Music Madness. We are only two days in and we are all enjoying the variety of music. I have moved it as our cantaninja brain break for the month. The students can still decide when they need a break, but the songs are already picked for us by the bracket and slide show. Who do you think will win it all!?!

Reflecting: My Spanish 1 classes passed the Honeymoon period extra fast this year. They did such an amazing job in our high frequency unit doing special person interviews, and since the change to story units, I have started to lose them. They make me work HARD. I have been told to my face that a student hates Spanish and me. This is one of the reasons I have not had something to blog about the last couple weeks. I have been waiting to share the aha, I did it, here is the secret to that hard class of mostly chatty girls, who do not want to even take Spanish since they can not be perfect at it yet. Sorry. I do not have a secret yet to share. If I find one, I will be sure to share. 

What has been working with them? Consistency. Once I let something slide, like keeping backpacks in the back of our deskless classroom, it is 10x harder to enforce it again. I have been using Grant Boulanger's interpersonal speaking skills rubric, which I also have posted in the front of the room to reference. Starting with clear hands, clear laps sets everyone up for success. 

Planning: We are finally getting the meat of the quarter, novels! Tomorrow Spanish 2 starts Esperanza and Spanish 3 starts Noche de Oro (I changed my mind from Robo en la noche like I listed in my Curriculum year 6 plans. I am a glutton for punishment and want to use all of the novel sets that have not been used yet instead of using a book I have the plans for down after teaching it four times). Also, Spanish 1 will soon be starting El Capibara con botas. Hopefully I will get my groove back once we are doing novels, since with all the little units to start the year I feel like I am always starting something new. 

Watching: El Barco. My enrichment Spanish club has been in a limbo period while we wait for our elementary classes to get in their routines before we start our high school student taught Spanish lessons in a couple weeks. These upper level students have already enjoyed El Internado and wanted another similar show to start watching. I have had El Barco on my Netflix list for a while and the students suggested it. On a risky whim we started it one day in Spanish club without me having watched it before. It is VERY similar to El Internado, made by the same company with overlapping actors. There have been a few skip worthy scenes, similar to El Internado. I would not chose it to teach with, but it is a great recommendation for students who are looking for a show in Spanish to watch on their own on Netflix. Here are my other Netflix recommendations in Spanish for your own binge. 

Using: Crock pot liners. How did I never have these before?!?! I am all about that crock pot during the cold school months, but cleaning it is another story. Buy the disposable crock pot liners. If you are like me, get them on Amazon Prime right now. You are welcome. 

Running: for IWLA Vice President (not the exercise). I am interested in becoming a part of the Iowa World Language Executive Board team. If you will be at our fall conference In Des Moines  October 13-14, I would love to connect! IWLA will also be my only conference presentation of the school year. I will be presenting about strategies to increase movement in a comprehensible input class. I would love to see you there & would love your vote for IWLA VP!

Celebrating: My 5 year wedding anniversary this month. My hubby and I were able to get away this past weekend without kids and it was awesome. I am so lucky to have someone who is along with me on this crazy ride of life. 

Appreciating: YOU. Thank you for stopping by, your kind messages, tagging me on social media, and reminding me why I keep blogging with your encouragement. 

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