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Lista lunes: Valentine's Day in Spanish class

15+ Ideas from around the web for Valentine's Day in Spanish class

Lista lunes: Valentine's Day in Spanish class

Lista lunes: Valentine's Day in Spanish class

*New* Valentine's Day - Para Empezar

If you are looking for a variety of activities to spice up the dreary winter, then this is for you. Similarly to my Muertos Para Empezar, this has 3 weeks of daily activities that could be used to start class or as brain breaks. They could also be used all together for a couple day mini unit around Valentine's Day. 

Lista lunes: Valentine's Day in Spanish class

Resources for Novice Students

Quick Reading Activity

If you only have a short amount of time to talk about the holiday, this quick authentic interpretive task would be great for novice Spanish students. 

Lista lunes: Valentine's Day in Spanish class

Refranes y citas para el Día de San Valentin

El Mundo de Pepita always has such adorable stuff, such as these refranes y citas for Valentine's Day. There are also printable cards in Spanish, which students would love to make. 

Spanish Valentine's Day Interactive Flip Book

This flip book from Island Teacher would be perfect for Valentine's day if you are doing interactive notebooks. Or if you have younger students and want to practice numbers or colors this would be great for you. 

Valentine's Day Read and Draw - ¿Dónde está Cupido? 

This is a fun read and draw activity for novice students to practice prepositions. They follow the directions in Spanish to draw their own silly cupid. Or there are Glyphs to practice reading comprehension, while allowing students to break out the colored pencils. (See here for how to use Glyphs to provide CI)

Craftivity - El Día de San Valentín

Let your novice students do a little craftivity, while still learning Spanish. Or check out this post with more ideas from Carolina, including resources for the movie "El Día de San Valentín, Charlie Brown."

Resources for Intermediate Students

Valentine's Day - Woodward Education

Woodward Education has you covered for activities for upper level Spanish class. 

El Amor & San Valentin Podcasts

For upper level students, this authentic podcast activity in 100% Spanish is about Valentine's day in Spain. 

Spanish Speed Dating

Speed dating is always a fun interpersonal activity to do around Valentine's Day. This one from Angie Torre could focus on specific verb forms if needed too (Imperfect, Present Perfect, & Tú Ud. Uds. Questions).

Resources for All Levels of Spanish Students

Terms of Endearment in Spanish speaking countries

Spanish Mama Elisabeth has two awesome images for terms of endearment, one for children and another for romantic couples. The romantic one would be great to post in your room during February or project for students to use when making cards in Spanish. This is the kind of slang middle and high schoolers eat up! Also, check out this very comprehensive post with a TON MORE activities for the holiday. 

San Valentin BUNDLE of activities - La Profesora Frida

La Profesora Frida has a TON of activities that could create an entire unit on the holiday for different levels of Spanish class. 

Día de los enamorados Lesson Plan Bundle - World Language Cafe

This growing bundle includes activities for all levels from elementary to high school including vocabulary, pick-up lines, games, crafts, decorations, memes, cheesy love songs, and speed dating. You can also just get the individual part you need. This Cootie Catcher would be a lot of fun with middle school students. Finally, if you need a bulletin board check this out to decorate your room. 


Past Valentine's Day Posts

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Are you at school today like I am? #MakeUpDay

What are your plans for Valentine's day? Please share in the comments!

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