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Lista lunes - Winter holidays in Spanish class

Lista lunes - Winter holidays in Spanish class

Infuse culture in the craziness

I usually try to share my holiday lista lunes towards the beginning of the month, but with all of the holiday craziness with an infant and toddler, now will have to do. If you are looking for some activities to infuse culture into your Spanish classes during that awkward time before or after break, here are some great ideas for you. As a language class, we can get away with teaching (and celebrating) holidays since it is directly related to our cultural content, that other classes might not be able to do. 

La Navidad & el Día de los Reyes Magos in a 90% TL Classroom

A great well laid out guide to introduce Christmas vs. Reyes Magos in all Spanish. Mundo de Pepita even includes a video & script! 

Tweets Navideños

Elizabeth Dentlinger shares some awesome ready to use activities for holiday tweets in Spanish. 

Carmina - La Lotería de España 2016

Kara Jacobs has a great unit using this year's Spanish Christmas ad, Carmina. I hope to use it with my upper levels once we get back from break. 

Cultural Reading: Los Reyes Magos

If you are like out school, you will go back after break to a partial week, right during Los Reyes Magos! Use this reading and questions as a one day introduction to the holiday. You could combine it with the ideas above from Mundo de Pepita to compare it to Christmas.

Plate Sketch Game

On Friday, I plan on bringing out the plate sketch game in all Spanish again. It is a fun way to use Christmas vocabulary, while being goofy and having a good time. 

Holiday baile viernes

I just shared a few videos that can be used as brain breaks, baile viernes, or just to get out some pre break wiggles. 

White Elephant/Yankee Swap

For the last day before break in Spanish 1, I plan to do a version of a gift exchange in all Spanish. I have wrapped a bunch of random and goofy little gifts, enough for each person. They will all draw a number, and that is the order they get to pick. After number one goes, each person after that gets to chose from the gift pile, or steal from someone else. I have the rile that after two steals an item is frozen, unless you are the last person, who can pick any gift. Before starting we will discuss the vocabulary needed (I want, give me the gift). When it is their turn, the student will need to say one of these phrases in Spanish. I will narrate what is happening in Spanish as we go. Hopefully, the students find it entertaining. I will share how it goes :)

Here are a couple other holiday posts with resources for you!

Lista lunes: Winter Holidays 2015

1st Week Back from Winter Break

For the rest of the month, I will be sharing a post with a new collaboration, as well as doing my annual "best of" posts from the year. Which post was the most viewed of 2016? Tune in to find out!


  1. Hi Allison! Love your ideas and thanks for sharing. What phases are you using for the Yankee Swap? I'm doing something similar but was having trouble clarifying the vocab. Just curious.

    1. Emily,
      To keep it basic and very high frequency, I think I am going to focus on quiero & dame el regalo por favor for the students. Also maybe necesita otro for my narration of what they need to do. I know I saw a post at sometime about using it in Spainish class, but when I searched it I kept getting official rules for the game. Another issue is how many names there are for it! In my family it is actually the black manatee (opposite of white elephant with gifts you actually want).


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