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Quick Tip: 3 Fictional Characters

Is your newsfeed full of collages of your friends and the 3 fictional characters that describe them like mine is? Well the teacher in me sees this as a perfect way to connect with novice or intermediate language learners! 

Activity Idea 

  • Students create a quick collage with the three fictional characters that describe them. Depending on technology resources available it could be made on PicMonkey.com, a Google slide, a collage app on student cell phones, or an old fashioned paper and glue collage. Then there are many options depending on language level.


Follow up Options 
  • These collages are posted around the room and students must go around and describe them, and guess who is who.
  • Have a gallery walk, or simultaneous presentations where students describe who they picked and why, with follow up questions by their listeners.
  • For intermediate students, describe them using conditional if clauses such as, "I I could be a fictional character I would..."
  • Have students complete a free write about who they chose and why. 
  • Search #3fictionalcharacters or #describemyselfin3fictionalcharactrrs on Twitter or Instagram to come up with random collages that students must describe, or decide what friend this person is most like. 
  • Let students post their collages using the hashtag, and then comment on each other's  in Spanish online using class accounts. 
  • Create a collage for a character in a book you are reading or a famous Hispanic for Hispanic Heritage Month. 




What other ideas do you have? Please share! 

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