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How I Teach Spanish Without a Textbook - Curriculum Year 5

Since everyone has been posting their curriculum plans, I thought I would jump in with my tentative plan of the year. Remember I will be on maternity leave 1st quarter so depending on what happens while I am gone, some or all of this may shift. This year each level is composed of two semesters that are 18 weeks each, with about 50 minute classes. 
To see what I have done in past years see: Curriculum years 1-3 & Curriculum - year 4.

Below you will see how I tentatively lay out the year. I like to see everything side by side, week by week a running Google Spreadsheet. As a department of one, it helps me to balance out starting new units and films. I used to think it was easier to plan if all classes started and ended units at the same time. Yeah right! Now I prefer to space out when assessments will be taking place if possible. Sometimes with the end of a semester it is not possible, but it helps if you can. I try to do about one novel unit per quarter, each using the supplemental Teacher's Guides, movies, and additional resources to round out the units. The colors mean the following: Yellow - Martina Bex Somos Units, Purple - TPRS Novel units, Blue - Culture mini units, Orange - Intro or Choice Novels. 

Year 5 - 1st Quarter on Maternity Leave 

This is my tentative curriculum spreadsheet of the year - see below for more details
Yellow - Martina Bex Somos Units
Purple - TPRS Novels
Blue - Culture Units
Orange - Intro or Choice Novels
You can get the planning template from above here.

Spanish 1 

(had 6 weeks of Exploratory Spanish last year, which included Martina Bex Somos curriculum units 1-3 & Geography Mini Unit)

Spanish 2 

(This year there is no Spanish 3 because of our move from trimesters to semesters. Spanish 4 are actually juniors this year).

Spanish 4

    Exploratory Spanish - 1 quarter each of 7th & 8th grade 

    • 7th grade - Exploratory Spanish - similar to this post from last year
    How do you plan for the year?

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    1. How do review with your level 2s and 4s?


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