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Lista lunes: Intermediate Spanish Resources

One of the requests for a blog topic from a reader were more resources for upper level Spanish classes. It is true that there are many great bloggers out there who teach novice students, and thus share resources for lower level classes. As a #deptof1 I teach all levels of Spanish as the only world language teacher. Here are a few of my favorite resources, sites, and blogs for intermediate Spanish students. 

Para Empezar: 6 Weeks of Intermediate Spanish

While getting ready for my maternity leave, I wanted to make sure to have Para Empezar bell ringers for my Spanish IV class. I created this resource with 6 Weeks of Para Empezar for Intermediate Spanish to leave with the sub. Each day has a special focus:
Monday - Weekend Talk, Tuesday - Writing Prompt (or read), Wednesday - Music, Thursday - Joke/Meme (or read), Friday - dance. I wanted to make sure that my upper level students were getting the challenge they need to keep pushing their proficiency. 

Teaching in Target by Kristy Placido

With my curriculum budget this year I got a ton of resources from Kristy Placido's TPT store, Teaching in Target. Since she is an author of many TPRS publishing books and guides, obviously her TPT products are perfect to go with the novels that I plan to teach this year. I stocked up on all of the El Salvador (Vida y Muerte)Immigration (Esperanza) and many more resources. 

Kara Jacobs's Blog

Kara has amazing content based units for her upper level Culture and Civilization class. Her unit packets are ready to go and stocked full of authentic resources including songs, videos, and performance based assessments. Everything she shares is gold. 

El Internado

I know many people are mourning the loss of the TV show El Internado: Laguna Negra on Netflix, but it does not mean you can not teach with it this year! I am glad I bought the entire series on Ebay a few years ago, and know that many people have recently purchased it from It is the best thing I have ever done in class engagement wise with intermediate students. If you are just starting, you must get the amazing guides from Mike Peto. You can see all of the resources I have gathered and used here.

Sharon Birch's Blog

Another go to site for inspiration for upper level classes is the blog by Sharon Birch, El mundo de birch. I especially love her great ideas relating to teaching with novels. She also has an amazing music database and is always pinning the best new songs to use in class. 

What are your go to resources for intermediate Spanish students?

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