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Introducing Robo en la Noche with Stations

Stations: Medio Ambiente y Costa Rica
Before reading the novel Robo en la noche by Kristy Placido, I wanted to introduce the environment and Costa Rica. I started using some of this Unit by Kara Jacobs when I taught an environment unit with the book Avancemos 3 (Units 1.1 & 1.2.). I took some of the activities Kara suggested and turned it into an exploratory stations activity before beginning the novel.  This past year I also added these maps to teach the basic geography of Costa Rica from Elizabeth Dentlinger.

In the past, we completed the stations more traditionally, with areas around the room with specific resources, such as listening videos on a computer, and printed off and laminated realia, that students floated to completing them at their own pace. Below is how I would prepare for the traditional stations without 1:1 technology.

Traditional stations around the room
  • LEER – print the infografía & imágenes / carteles in color or have access to on one device.
  • ESCUCHAR – download the videos, or have one listening station with a device and headphones
  • ESCRIBIR – print or have access to the resources about Costa Rica
  • HABLAR – print or have access to envirnment realia slideshow to elicit conversation
  • GEOGRAFÍA - print out maps for students to fill out & have resources to help label the maps

Stations with 1:1 Technology
With 1:1 technology of Chromebooks and Schoology this past year, the document was shared with students electronically. I put all of the links there together, so students could complete at their own pace, or even do with a substitute teacher. This document with everything all put together, has some accountability for students to complete tasks and answer some questions along the way. You can download the entire Stations Packet here

I like that this activity allows students to explore some authentic resources for Costa Rica and the environment on their own, and with peers before starting the novel. You can also see my plans for teaching the novel Robo en la noche here. Finally, here are other example of using stations in Spanish class

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