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#WBW - Proficiency Puzzle

Here is this week's #WBW - Way Back Wednesday, bringing back some older posts with a new and updated spin.

In my 1st week of Spanish class plans I mentioned that the first week of class I wanted to do a station involving students beginning to distinguish between proficiency levels. A way I came up with to introduce the idea to Spanish 1, as well as check for understanding from the upper levels is an activity I am going to call Proficiency Puzzle

The goal of this activity is for students to gain an awareness and begin to distinguish the various world language proficiency levels. **I know that this is an activity in English that does not follow TCI methods, but I feel it is an important part of setting expectations in the world language class. It gives students' ownership in their language learning experience and lays the groundwork for years of language class by giving students the vocabulary to discuss proficiency. 

To prep

  • Download the Proficiency Puzzle here
  • Print the proficiency descriptions and cut the squares. If you are planning on using it for multiple classes, print on card stock and laminate for durability. Since I plan on using it at a station and not as a whole class activity, I only plan on prepping a few sets in different colors, so they will not get mixed and jumbled together. 

  • Print the blank proficiency levels on card stock. Attach them to form one poster if you would like.  

To Use

  • In pairs or groups have students work to match the proficiency description in the corresponding box. Provide guidance by walking around and assisting where needed. 
  • Once finished, project the answer keys to discuss the proficiency path and the expected proficiency at their particular level. 

How do you talk about proficiency in your class?

If you would like to download all of my back to school products together, you can find them here.

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