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Final Assessments

It is that time of year again when everyone is trying to figure out how to assess their classes. We are down to the home stretch, as we will be out before Memorial Day this year. Here are my tentative plans for the classes I am teaching this trimester. I wrote a post earlier about my Curriculum for this year.

Exploratory Spanish

  • Final Project Create/Interpret Class Story
  • This is my 4th group of junior high students as a part of 6 week exploratory Spanish. I have tweaked their final project each time to meet the needs of the class. I started with having them write and do something with a story, but I knew that would not work well for my class that was very IEP heavy. They had the additional option of instead, just using a story from class and interpreting it. Here is a cute example of a puppet show made by a couple extra special students. Here was the adapted Exploratory Project Description (with options). You can see the original final project in this post.
  • Since it is an exploratory class, during finals, they get to watch El Libro de Vida in Spanish with English subtitles. 

Culture & Civilization (level 1)

  • Final Project Culture Project
  • For my trimester long Spanish 1 expansion, they will be ending the year investigating a topic of their choice, and then presenting it to their class in Spanish. You can see the 12 week plan in this Culture & Civilization post. So far students have mentioned researching topics such as tamales, Los Incas, or visiting Puerto Rico. 

Spanish III

  • Literature Circle Unit
    • Interpersonal Speaking - (listen to each group ask each other questions and evaluate their book)
    • Presentational Writing - Individual writing assessment done in class over the topics we have covered this unit about their book)
    • Interpretive - Create projects either individually or as a group to share with the rest the class what their book was about & how it relates to culture of the Spanish speaking world. 

Spanish IV

  • La Calaca Alegre Unit
    • Gallery walk including presentational writing, interpersonal speaking, presentational speaking & interpretive reading of the book. This post gives more information about this project, which came from the awesome teacher's guide. 

What do your final assessments look like this year? please share in the comments!

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