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El Internado - Final Exams

Update: These resources are no longer available on TPT. Please email me if you would like more information or have questions. 

This year my Spanish III & IV final exams will be heavily based on the TV show El Internado: Laguna Negra, which they have been watching all year on Fridays. You can find all of my El Internado resources hereDustin Williamson has some other great exams for the show that were very helpful when putting this together. 

By the end of the year Spanish IV should have finished season 3 (We are now farther than i have ever watched with students! last year we only made it to 3.3). Spanish III should finish season 2. We will be able to do this since we have 65 minute classes on Friday and after both classes finish their last books of the year they will get to do a week long El Internado unit. They have been asking to do an Internado unit all year, so this will be their reward for working so hard. (Isn't it awesome when their reward is more input in Spanish;)

I started with the same basic character descriptions and character matching for both exams, as well as who said it quotes. There is also a summary of each season, with key vocabulary words missing to fill in using word banks. There are a few pictures as well to describe where they take place, who is included, what is happening, and why this is important to the show. To finish there is a review essay where students give a summary of what happened, how they feel about, how they would change it, who they would recommend it for, and predictions. You can download both versions here. I would have shared it freely, but I did not want answer keys floating around the Internet. 

For the interpersonal part of their exam, they will discuss, compare and contrast El Internado with the other books they have read this year. 

NEW: I now also have a final for season 1! - El Internado Final Exam - Season 1

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