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El Internado: NEW Season 2 Resources

I have posted before how I use the Spanish TV show El Internado: Laguna Negra in my Spanish III and IV classes on Friday. Dustin WilliamsonMike Peto and many others have posted a lot of great resources for season 1. Since I never want to reinvent the wheel, I use these wonderful resources to complement and enhance the comprehension of the show, along with frequent pausing of the show to restate and check for understanding. 

Dustin Williamson has great resources for the first half of season 2, but I realized I could not find any supplemental activities for season 2, episodes 6,7 & 8 (12,13 & 14). I created the following activities, adapting the summaries from the site Formula TV. These are for my Spanish IV class, who has been watching for a while and does not need as much support anymore as they did for the first few episodes. These are mostly for review after the episode is over and to practice reading, writing, and guide more speaking discussion. It also helps the couple students who need something to go along with as they watch, or those who are absent and need a review to catch up. 

El Internado 2.6 - Ver para creer

El Internado 2.7 - Mi amigo el monstruo

El Internado 2.8 - El polo norte

To review season 2
Temporada 2 Kahoot (SraMonell)
Temporada 2 Reading (Dustin Williamson)

If you have other resources for season 2 please share them in the comments!


  1. Thanks for sharing these! My students will be so happy. I tried to make some similar and failed. Now I know how.

  2. Hi Allison-
    Thanks for offering your resources. I'm just starting season 2 and I'm having a hard time finding anything for the first few episodes of season 2. You mentioned in this blog that Williamson has them for the first few episodes, but I can't locate. Are you able to share with me, if willing/able, what you have for these? My students learn so much from them and help fill in any comprehension gaps from the episode. Thanks for the consideration. Amelia Eastin

    1. Amelia,
      Dustin's resources can be found here
      Let me know if you need more help accessing them!


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