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Best of 2015: #5 Trivia Crack in Language Class

This week I will be sharing the top 5 blog posts of 2015. You can see the best of 2014 here. Number 5 technically was from December of 2014, but since it was right after I already did my best of 2014 posts, I am including it with this year. This was also my most popular "Quick Tip" ever. 

Quick Tip: Trivia Crack in Language Class - Originally posted on 12/15/14
The newest obsession of my high school students is a Facebook Game or App called Trivia Crack. It is basically Trivial Pursuit, but more in the style of "Words with Friends," where you virtually play your friends in trivia. Here is the official website with directions in the language of your choice.

You win "crowns" in each category for answering questions correct and once you miss a question, you have to wait for the other person to play their turn. There is a also a challenge option that my uber competitive classes love. 

So how does this game relate to language teaching? Well you can change the language of course! So far the language options are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian & Catalan. 

**Update 3.5.15 - To change the language of the questions, when you start a new game you will select the language of you choice (as seen in the photo below). As far as I know, once you have started a game in one language you may not change it mid game. To change the language of the instructions and background information, you must change the language of your Facebook. 

Each week my students complete 3 "points" worth of choice "Real World" homework. This week I had a couple students ask if they could use playing Trivia Crack in Spanish. Two students played each other for 30 minutes and submitted the screenshots below as a part of their weekly report for their 3 points. They had a ton of fun, learned a lot of new words, and now many more students are planning on using this option next week. 

What are ways you have found to incorporate students' current interests in class?

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