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1st Week Back from Winter Break

If you are anything like me, coming back from a break usually means easing in with mini cultural units. My students usually equate culture with FUN, which makes for an easy sell when students tell you they "do not want to do anything hard" on the first day back. Also, as a department of one cultural units that can be adapted for all levels are a lifesaver for me as I get my bearings and plan for the units to come. This is what I plan on doing in all classes except my 6 week 7th grade exploratory Spanish who will be doing a very simple Reyes Magos on Wednesday and Geography Mini Unit the rest of the week. My go to cultural lessons always come from Martina Bex, as you will see in my plans below.

Monday - What I did over break

My first day back plans include starting with a casual conversation about what everyone did over break in the past tense weekend talk style. This leads nicely into my speaking find someone who about break. 

Tuesday & Wednesday - Los Reyes Magos

Since Los Reyes Magos falls on Wednesday, we will do activities related to this holiday, mostly from Martina Bex's Tradiciones de la Navidad unit. If the students are lucky they might even fins a surprise treat on Wednesday morning :) Here are a couple more free activities related to this holiday as well 

Thursday & FridayEl Año Nuevo

I plan on using parts of Martina Bex's Año Nuevo unit to finish out the week. (I know this would have made more sense before break, but this is just how it goes sometimes:)
There are also a tone of great ideas in the Creative Language Class - New Year posts including traditions around the world and writing resolutions. Finally, below are links to 3 New Years related Infographics in Spanish. 

What are your plans for your first week back?

Tradiciones Panameñas en el Año Nuevo

full infographic found here

Uvas y maletas: tradiciones curiosas de año nuevo

full infographic found here

El origen de la fiesta de Año Nuevo Infografia

Full Infographic found here

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