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El Internado - Teaching Episode 3

Here are more of my personal plans for teaching with El Internado: Laguna Negra. I have previously shared others with Internado episode 1 & Internado episode 2.  Mike Peto's blog is my go to source of amazing Internado resources, and this is pretty much just a compilation of his awesome stuff in chronological order for my future reference. 

**Mike Peto has now shared all of the activities for this episode on TPT. You can download them below. 
Study Guide for Episode 3
Supplementary Activities for Episode 3 (free!)

Before starting episode

  • episode 2 review activity - Students read and complete the missing information as reading practice and to review the content. 
  • Review of episode 2 - power point to prepare for episode 3

During episode breaks and activities

  • *Break* Kahoot 1.1 part 1 (after minute 26) - discuss answers as you go & then intro graphic novel 1 below while stopped.
  • Graphic novel 1 Pedro & Hector's joke (@ minute 29)
  • Cultural Expansion - Spanish style architecture Ex. clay roof tiles while Marcos & Ivan are on the roof (@ minute 32)
  • Cultural Expansion - Las Palmas - Geography - where Jacinta's daughter lives (@ minute 36)
  • Cultural Expansion - Individual oral exams & Spain's grading 1-10 vs. A-F
  • Optional Story map to review 1st 1/2 of episode after Hector invites Elsa out to dinner
  • *Break* All 3 of these scenes below come up quite quickly, so it worked for me to intro all, and then watch them. 

After episode

  • Powerpoint to review episode 3 - This could be used as a formative quiz as well, with students writing down, or stating their answers, and discussing as you go. 

This Friday we will finish and review the episode. It will be the third hour long class devoted to episode 3 of season 1. 

Do you have more resources for El Internado? Please share in the comments!

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