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Lil' Libros

Sometime this summer I first saw the adorable Lil' Libros board books and knew I had to have them for my little guy. As I have mentioned before I am working hard to try and raise my son bilingual. As a non native speaker, with a husband who took just two years of Spanish in high school, I know I am fighting an uphill battle. I try to do everything possible to surround him with as much Spanish as possible, and this means building a Spanish library at home. I use many of the same tips I have shared getting books in Spanish for home. 

The issue is many books in Spanish in my area are just translations of popular books in English, devoid of any culture. What I love most about the Lil' Libros  books is how culture is the center of book, not just an after thought. From Frida, to Guadalupe and La Llorona, culture is the heart of the beautiful books. Each title centers on a beginning reading concept: Lotería focuses on first words, Zapata on colors, Lucha Libre on body parts and more. 

When I first saw the beautiful covers online, I had hoped that these books would have a story line and could be a part of my Spanish classroom library. While I feel they could work in an elementary setting, I think the board book aspect would really make older kids feel babyish using them. Also, the focus on basic concepts, while perfect for tiny readers, may be too simplistic for older learners. I hope that someday, they will make more expanded storybook versions with these deep cultural story lines. 

Overall, the books above are now a part of the regular story time rotation at home with my smallest Spanish student. He loves the bright colors (especially in his favorite, Zapata) and the toughness stands up to his rough toddler handling. Thank you Lil' Libros and I would highly recommend them for a little Spanish learner in your life!

My little reader in his favorite chair

On a side note, I feel like my hard work is finally paying off with the little guy since when he is thirsty, he now screams AGUA, AGUA! 

Disclosure: The company sent me the books above. All of the ideas and opinions are my own. 

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