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1st Week Logistics

Since my posts 1st Week of Spanish Class , Unit 1 & 1st Day of Spanish Class have been so popular recently I know that there are many of you out there like myself who obsess over the perfect 1st week plans. I decided to share with you a few more specific logistics that I have been getting ready to make that first week back as smooth as possible. 

1st Week Slideshow

I have mentioned before that I find it helpful to make a google slide presentation to help with the flow of my classes. I like to have instructions and plans listed in English, so students can see them, and I do not have to spend too much precious time out of the target language explaining activities. This way students can see the plan for the day, and I have reminders of what I was planning on accomplishing. 

I am so glad that Sra. Dentlinger mentioned a great new to me site, Slides Carnival. It is full of adorable Google Slides templates that are free to use. Below you can see a few samples of my first week slides. You can download the complete slideshow here.

If you would like to download the Proficiency Puzzle mentioned, you can find it here
All posts for #back2school can here found here
Update: If you would like to download all of my back to school products together, you can find them here.

Happy Planning! I will be taking a break since I am off on the last trip of the summer to NYC with my my high school girls. 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable teaching materials! You have given me so many great ideas! ¡Gracias!


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