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Quick Tip: Google Drive for Student Organizations

Something that worked really well this year for both Spanish Club and Student Council, was having a shared Google Drive folders for the group. If you have not jumped on the Google bus, you are missing out! All of our students already have a Google account, so it is very easy to just share the folder by clicking the circled button below. This way all members are on the same page and the group can be paperless. 

For student council we had shared folders for agenda, minutes, elections, homecoming, etc. During a meeting, we project the agenda for the day, so there is no need for paper copies. If someone is absent, they can also access what was discussed. 

Student Council Agendas
What is great is you can also change sharing permissions within a folder if there is something that is just for officers or advisor. For example the attendance Google sheet is only editable by the officers and advisor. 

Elections with Google Forms

Another tip is this year we did student council election through Google Forms. The membership application below was sent to the entire student body. 
Membership Application
These applications were then put together in a Google Form ballot below for class voting. This also allowed us to include the candidates statement as to why they should hold the position. 

student government election ballot

What are other uses you have for Google Drive?

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