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Lista lunes: End of the year in Spanish class

You are this close to the end, you can do it! The students are squirrely, the teachers are tired, and the warm sun is outside. As the wonderful Laurie Clarcq said, "students are not going to master much at this point in the year. Use these days to build confidence, find joy, strengthen trust!" Here are some ideas below to do just that!

Plate Sketch Game

I used this activity around Christmas, but it would be great for the end of the year as well. The teacher gives direction to draw a beach or other summer scene and students must draw it on a paper plate on their head without looking. 

The Book of Life or Canela movie guides for novice classes

Sometimes with wacky end of the year schedules a movie is perfect. For example when I taught a 6th grade exploratory class, they got to watch a movie in Spanish during the long finals classes, since they did not have finals. The Book of Life or Canela would both be great movies for a novice class to watch. There is a guide posted if they need a little something to keep them focused and on track. 

Go outside!

When the weather is nice, instead of fighting it, take your students outside! You can either plan specific ideas, or just adapt your plans to fit a new setting. 


This awesome new game in Spanish is similar to Apples to Apples and needs your help to fund the kickstart campaign! It would a great activity to play at the end of the year!

Cardboard Glove Activity

To have students learn more about poverty in Central America, baseball, or sports in general, make cardboard gloves! You then get to try out what it is like playing baseball with a stick bat and cardboard glove, while once again getting outside! 

Survey your students

This is the perfect time to get feedback on how to plan for next year. 

Zachary Jones Summer Spanish 2015

This FREE packet of fun activities using authentic resources would make good filler activities if needed, or a great enrichment packet for students to work on over the summer. 

What are your ideas for ending the year strong?


  1. Hola- I always love reading your blog! For the past few years I have held a Field Day of Spanish Games for my Sp3's. Clothing relay races (to review la ropa), blindfold obstacle course (to review giving directions), vocabulary bucket relay (all vocab relay), and numbers game). It's been a ton of fun (but also pretty high prep).

    1. Can you share details on these? Gracias!!

  2. I'd love the details on this also!!


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