Lista lunes 3.16.15 - Mis Clases Locas

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Teaching with Novels

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Meet Sra. Wienhold

Lista lunes 3.16.15

Lista lunes 3.16.15 - CSCTFL15 edition

Here are just a couple of the great resources I found this past weekend at the Central States Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My first post can be found here. is a website in Spanish that is a goldmine of authentic ads in many languages. Carrie Toth (@SenoraCMT) mentioned this site in her sessions this weekend. (It was formerly Commercials make for perfect authentic listening since they are short, to the point and usually include a ton of culture. 

CSCTFL Presentations Pinterest Board

What a great idea to put all of the presentations together in one Pinterest Board! This way I can look through the handouts and presentations that I was not able to make it to. This is way better than a stack of PowerPoint handouts that just get stuffed in a file cabinet!

Lead With Languages Video

Lead With Languages is a campaign that should be coming out soon from ACTFL. This video would be perfect to show to parents at a back to school night, to students at the beginning of the year, or to administrators to show the importance of language learning. 

Spanish Cuentos

El ratón Pablito is just one of the many awesome video stories by Spanish Cuentos. Craig Klein (@profeklein) is an amazing elementary Spanish teacher who teaches with stories he writes himself. His little students speak like natives with only two 45 minute classes a week. What he is doing in his classes is obviously working and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future since he is a fellow Iowan!

Biblioburro & Desfile del yipao

Did you know there is a man who has a mobile library on a Donkey in Colombia!? Profe Klein also introduced me to this positive and fun, cultural idea. There are more resources to teach about Biblioburro here

Also, the Desfile del yipao is an interesting festival in Colombia where trucks are loaded with extreme amounts of stuff! Both of these would be great cultural pieces to add to any Spanish class study of Colombia. 

There are just a couple of the many great new ideas swirling in my brain from Central States!

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