CSCTFL15 - Mis Clases Locas

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Teaching with Novels

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Meet Sra. Wienhold


I have now attended my first regional conference and let me tell you CSCTFL15 was superb! I was finally able to learn from my online heroes and meet so many wonderful #langchat tweeps face to face. Lets just say the picture below happened after being there for an hour! If you have been living under a rock it includes Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell, Martina Bex & Elizabeth Dentlinger.

I have been trying to wrap my head around my pages of notes, tons of tweets, and endless new ideas swirling around in my head. I am predicting many blog posts dedicated to everything I have been thinking about post conference. Unfortunately, they may come at a snails pace typed from my phone or the worlds slowest mini netbook from 2011 since my MacBook Pro school computer was stolen from my car during the conference :(
Thank goodness I have most school files on Google Drive. So if you do not, your homework for today is to save all your important school files in multiple places! I had a noisy ride home with my clear shower curtain and duct tape window, so generously put on by my amazing hosts in Minneapolis (my BFF since 1st grade & her boyfriend). Central States lived up to the reputation of friendliest conference with all of the immediate support and concern via Twitter and on Sunday. 

It was so inspired listening to presentations and talking to @CarolGaab, @SenoraCMT, @MartinaBex, @SECottrell, @profeklein, @grantboulanger, @PSandrock, @jvanhKY & many more.

I also loved getting to see @SraDentlinger again as well as meet @KaraJacobs,  @srahoogeven, @ADiazMora, @natadel76, @NicoleNaditz, @lopezelena, @MCanion & many others I am forgetting to mention or I do not know their Twitter!

I also had my first experience of someone recognizing ME as a blogger! I did not catch your name, but to the woman who told me you love my blog & ideas by the TPRS booth, you made my day!

This week I will be sharing more nuggets of wisdom as I process but for now check out my tweets using #csctfl15 & new new CI discovery of Craig Klein's & Spanish Cuentos Youtube Videos.

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