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Música miércoles 3

Happy Música miércoles! Today is the day to start class with a song. For past weeks check out Música miércoles, Más Música miércoles & the NEW Música miércoles 3. This week in honor of Valentine's Day, we will be doing the video below for the fun Mi Persona Favorita by Río Roma which can be found in Música miércoles 3

In Spanish 1 we will be doing one of my all time favorites Tengo Tu Love by Sie7e to reinforce the phrase tengo or "I have."

Also, just a side note, yes I am aware that the phrases Música miércoles & Baile viernes are not grammatically correct, but they are the names that my students came up with for our class starters and the names have stuck!


  1. I have been adding música miércoles to my starters the past two weeks, but am having a tough time getting the students excited and bought into the music culture. What type of activities do you do after playing the song? Also, do you hand out lyrics each time? Thanks for any help!

    1. Dear Jessica,
      It depends on the week and how much we actually do with the song. Sometimes they just listen as they enter and they rate is they felt about it. The only time I give out lyrics is if we are going to go more indepth on the song if it relates to our unit of study. I try to mix up types of music to match the tastes of the students.
      Let me know if you have more questions!


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