Lista lunes 1.19.15 - Día de San Valentín - Mis Clases Locas

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Lista lunes 1.19.15 - Día de San Valentín

Lista lunes 1.19.15 - Día de San Valentín

Last year I was on maternity leave during Valentine's Day, so this year I am excited to do some activities concerning the holiday of sweets and mushiness. 

Subjunctive Hearts

Cynthia Hitz posted this great activity for upper level students for Valentine's Day. They use the subjunctive to write "I love that you..." She has the great idea to complete them now and use it as a bulletin board this month. 

Free Printable Spanish Valentines

Two years ago I printed 10 cards from this website on pink and red paper and posted them around my room. Depending on the level the students completed different activities with these authentic cards. Level one looked for specific phrases such as "I love you" "kisses" or "Happy Valentines Day." Higher levels picked a couple to translate and write which cards they would choose for different people in their life and why. If you have technology, you could let students complete a similar activity just going to the website and searching for different cards. 

Spanish Conversation Hearts

Two years ago I was obsessed with finding Spanish conversation hearts for class. After seeing you could buy them online, I started calling around to local superstores asking if they happened to have them in Spanish. I ended up scoring at my local Walgreen's, where they had accidentally ordered them in Spanish. I bought enough that I still have a stash in my classroom. While I am sure they now could break a tooth, there are many activities you could do with these cute little Spanish phrases. (You could even do them as stations).
  • Glue the hearts as a part of a Valentin's card in Spanish
  • Sort the hearts by phrases
  • Add to your "cognate wall" with similar phrases
  • Do a lesson on texting and abbreviations
  • Search these words as #hashtags on Twitter
  • Play "I have" "Do you have?" to collect one of each or all the same phrases

Tradiciones de San Valentín en el Mundo #infografia

This infographic would be a great #authres to talk about traditions of the holiday all over the world, even in non Spanish speaking countries. Here is another infographic which focuses on how people celebrate and their perceptions of the holiday.

Chocolate - Jesse y Joy

I love the song and video Chocolate by Jesse y Joy for Valentine's Day. It is animated, appropriate and perfect to learn about my favorite Valentine's treat, chocolate. 

What are your favorite activities & resources for Valentine's Day?

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