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Lista lunes 12.1.14 - Navidad, Reyes Magos y Año Nuevo

Lista lunes 12.1.14 - Navidad, Reyes Magos y Año Nuevo

Carta a Reyes Magos

This form letter would be perfect for a novice level class to use to write to the Reyes Magog, or 3 Kings. 

¿Tu eres de Papá Noel o de los Reyes Magos? infografia

This authentic infografia would be great to use to compare the traditions of Papa Noel & Los Reyes Magos. 

Veinte Mundos - Reyes Magos & Año Nuevo

Last year I used this article and questions the first day back from break to learn about Reyes Magos. This year I would like to use this article on New Year Celebrations

Video Playlist for Navidad

Here I put together a playlist of videos I have used and would like to use to talk about Christmas, 3 Kings Day, and more. It is a mix of comercials, music videos, and informational videos. 

Cultural Activities Tradiciones de la Navidad - by Martina Bex

I am planning on purchasing this unit on TPT by Martina Bex to use to teach about Christmas. This year I used her Day of the dead unit and as always it was awesome, filled with Ci and culture!


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Senora Wienhold - Mis Clases Locas

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