I am thankful for: IWLA Grant - Mis Clases Locas

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I am thankful for: IWLA Grant

This year I was honored with one of the amazing IWLA Grants. After finding out I was awarded the grant I wrote this post about how to get money for your classroom, basically you need to apply! I have always known I wanted a Spanish classroom library and this grant has helped me immensely with that goal. Books are expensive new and quickly fill up your shopping cart total. With this grant I wanted to see how far I could stretch my $500. IWLA allowed me to purchase the books myself and then submit my receipts (in my case electronic receipts). This allowed me so much more freedom to shop around for deals and to get the most bang for my buck. When I have had to order through my school I felt bad having the secretaries order through multiple sites, so I made most purchases through a single website. While convenient, this eats through your grant pretty fast. 

Here is how I got 240 books in Spanish online for $500
**If you are interested in particular titles, this method will not work. If you want a bulk amount of variety and have a little time to spend, then this is for you.
  • Go to Ebay and search "Spanish book lot" "bilingual book lot" or other combination of changing the search preferences for language of book etc. 
    • Bid on the large lots of books, as they are generally the best deal. For example right now there is a lot of 33 books with the highest bid of $16 (+$11 shipping). I usually tried to get lots with the overall price per book of less than $1. 
    • Yes, you may get a strange assortment of books maybe from a classroom or public library, even with a random Portugese, French, or German title thrown in (If you teach those languages message me & I will send you them for the cost of shipping:) But, overall there was a great variety of books and for the price per lot you can not complain. 
    • This was my first time with bidding on Ebay and my husband can tell you I became a little obsessed. I would recommend getting the app. 
  • To keep track of all of your purchases, create a spreadsheet with item name, number of books, date purchased, price, location and when received. Also, keep track of your outstanding bids as well because I got a little crazy at the end with too many bids in and ended up spending over my budget and into my own money. 
  • Create a label in your email to archive all of your online receipts. This way I just went in screenshotted the receipts and inserted them in a document with proof of all purchases, if you need this. 
  • If you are looking for specific titles try these sites for cheap books.
  • Purchase the awesome educator sample packs at tprstorytelling.com. These readers a great deal and the students love reading them.
I plan on blogging soon more soon about how we have been using the books in class, but for now enjoy my students' "Shelfies" with their favorite books.


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