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Lista lunes 10.6.14

Lista lunes 10.6.14- What I am loving from around the web 

**Please credit the original sources and click on the links provided.**

This anti bulling poster 

Some of my Spanish students had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Guatemala this past summer. (I was very upset I could not go, but as a new, nursing, stay at home mom for the summer with no childcare, I was not able to make it work). These great students have been sharing their experiences and pictures, which included this picture of a poster they saw against bullying. I think I am going to get it printed out in color & laminated to hang in my room. 

Mike Peto's Review Activity for Episode 1 of El Internado

My lesson plan process for using El Internado: Laguna Negra in Spanish III & IV this year has pretty much been visit Mike Peto's El Internado Resource Page. (As you can see by my plans for teaching Episode 1 here). We used this great review powerpoint which focuses on the verb dejar on Thursday before we started episode 2 Friday. 

Andrea Brown's 4 Corners Activity

As a many year summer camp counselor I have played many variations of the game 4 Corners. Andrea's post reminded me how perfect it would be to get kids up and moving in class, as well as to use it with the commonly confused options of "I am" in Spanish.  

Video - Dale la vuelta a la tortilla

This video has a nice positive message for students, as well as provides a lot of opportunities to discuss idiomatic expressions. The video is chock full of famous people, from Antonio Banderas, to David Bisbal, to the Backstreet Boys. It is great to see famous people, who they have no idea speak another language, speaking Spanish.

Fun Landmark Quiz

Lately EF Tours has been sending some entertaining activities and games in their emails. This Landmark Quiz would be fun as a part of a geography unit, to see how much the students already know. Also these free madlibs would make a good emergency sub plan. 

Have a great week!

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