Lista lunes 10.20.14 - El Día de los Muertos - Mis Clases Locas

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Meet Sra. Wienhold

Lista lunes 10.20.14 - El Día de los Muertos

Lista lunes 10.20.14 - El Día de los Muertos Edition

**Please credit the original sources and click on the links provided.**

Such a cute idea to paint pumpkins like sugar skulls to combine both Halloween and Day of the Dead. 

A documentary completely in Spanish, for higher level students. 

As always, an amazing resource from Veinte Minutos. They have an article in both intermediate and more basic level, as well as videos, comprehension questions, and other great resources as well. 

This year I planned ahead and all classes will be starting Quarter 2 next week with a mini El Día de los Muertos cultural unit. I purchased this unit from the awesome Martina Bex and am very excited for all of the activities included, especially the embedded readings, as this is not something I have tried before. Martina really takes care of everything plan wise and I plan on adapting it to fit all levels I-IV. 

I showed this adorable animated short last year, and love watching it every time. It is perfect to use with a movie talk method and really shows how death is viewed as a celebration. 

How do you teach El Día de los Muertos?

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