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How to get MONEY for your Classroom

How do you get money for your classroom or for professional development? ASK & APPLY!

I have a $0 budget at my school for my classroom, textbooks, and professional development. My first year I spent TONS of my own money trying to get my class and classroom up and running. Then my second year I did something bold, something daring, I asked the principal if the school would pay for me to attend the IWLA Conference. And you know what? They said YES! A teacher who has been at my school 30+ years was shocked that the school was paying for me to attend, as she had always paid her own way. (It also helps that I am a department of one so I have a pretty good argument for needing to collaborate and get new ideas.) All I had to do was ask. 

Last year I went out of my comfort zone and applied for my first grant to start my classroom library. My grant was approved and I received almost $1000 to start my Spanish classroom libraryAll I had to do was apply.

Last year I decided I would like to incorporate some TPRS novels into my curriculum. So I put in a proposal for a set of books for each level as well as a Teacher's Guide (which are awesome, so not get the books without one!) It was approved, they are going great, and the kids are learning so much. All I had to do was ask.

Just last week I put in a purchase request to pay me to attend the CSCTFL (Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) & to buy the Cajas de Carton - Teaching Guide and both were approved!  All I had to do was ask.

Today I got a voicemail saying that I will be receiving a IWLA Grant, that I put in a proposal for this past spring. With this grant, I will be able to purchase more Spanish books to expand my classroom library for free reading! All I had to do was apply.

There are grants and money out there just waiting for teachers like us with great ideas to apply. Let's not let it go to waste!

How have you gotten money for your classroom and professional development?


  1. So true! There are so many wasted opportunities - you only need the courage to ask or the time to apply!

  2. This is my 1st year teaching HS Spanish. Where do I even start to look for money for my class?

    1. The 1st people I would ask are the administrators, secretaries and teachers at your school. They should know about local grants. Check out your state language organization, that is where I got one of my grants. Also, just Google 1st year teacher grants in your state, county or city. Just ask around and then APPLY! Good luck!


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