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Geography Mini Unit

Before finding my Spanish speaking maternity leave sub last year, I was freaking out about finding activities that would keep my classes busy. I purchased this Spanish Speaking Countries Packet for my sub to use for a Geography unit, focusing on the Spanish speaking countries and capitals. Well I found such a great sub, who did all of his own plans, that last year's Spanish 1 never did have a specific unit about Spanish speaking countries. While I do think that they should be integrated daily, I realized this year that my particular students needed  to be specifically assed on which countries do and do not speak Spanish. (I may have had a Spanish II student try and tell me at the beginning of the year that China spoke Spanish, and then defend that Chinese was "basically the same thing as Spanish, right?" This prompted that this year both Spanish I & II needed this unit).

I created multiple stations for students to work at independently, while I did individual interpersonal assessments for out 1st unit. Last year I bought these IKEA frames to hold station directions. I learned that it works best if you write out specific instructions at each station, so students can work independently without having to interrupt assessments avery 2 minutes for basic questions. The stations were as follows:
  1. Fill out their own blank maps with country & capital using world maps to have to study.
  2. Quiz themselves writing with a dry erase marker on laminated blank world maps. They then corrected themselves using the full maps on the reverse. 
  3. Play "Old Maid" matching country and capitals with a laminated reusable class card set. 
  4. Play "Memory" matching country and capitals with a laminated reusable class card set. 
  5. Place laminated labeled country tiles on blank maps of each continent & then correct each other. 
  6. Watch the obligatory annoying "Rock the Capitals" videos below. I very much dislike the videos, but students in the past have loved them as a study tool. 

We also spent a day playing a variety of Kahoot games on countries and capitals. There was no need to make my own since there are a TON if you search "Los países hispanohablantes y sus capitales" I rarely give tests in my class, but for this unit, we ended
with a test where they are given a blank map with the countries numbered and need to label the countries & capitals. There are many opportunities for expansion in the future, such as having each invididual research one country and share with everyone else, or have a gallery walk to display their results. At this point I just wanted to make sure my students understand China does not speak Spanish :)


  1. Hi Allison. Do you happen to have a document with your Old Maid game that you can share...or perhaps a TPT activity for purchase? Thanks!

    1. It is linked in the first paragraph of this post!


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