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What I Love About Teaching

The prompt for day 4 of the Te@ch Thought 30 Day Blogging Challenge as a #ReflectiveTeacher is "What do you love most about teaching."

My Spanish IV class who brightens every day
This is one of those questions that I could write an entire book about. 

  • I love being a kid
  • I love inspiring students to love a foreign language
  • I love taking students out of their comfort zone 
  • I love making them see the world with new eyes
  • I love seeing students use Spanish outside of class
  • I love my students
  • I love seeing them mature through high school
  • I love seeing them teach others
  • I love providing the unexpected experience
  • I love the freedom of teaching an elective
  • I love hearing a student return from a trip saying "I knew a lot more Spanish than I thought!"
  • I love making meaningful connections with students
  • I love bragging about my great students to their parents
  • I love hearing parents say "you are one of the best teachers i have ever seen"
  • I love trying something new
  • I love dancing in class
  • I love students listening to Spanish Pandora stations just for fun
  • I love the enthusiasm and love of Spanish of my Spanish IV class
  • I love teaching lifelong skills

I love seeing those "lightbulb moments" when they just "get it"

What do you love about teaching?

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  1. many people are writing about the light bulb moments, ha ha


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