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Day 5: What I See in My Classroom

Post a picture of your classroom. 
What do you see? What is one thing that you don't see but would like to?

In this picture of my classroom I see:
  • my students dancing as a part of baile viernes
  • students engaged and excited about coming to Spanish class
  • Spanish music becoming a part of their daily life and interests
  • a fun and infectious way to start out a Friday morning
  • my personal interests and passions being infused into class
Something I do not see but would like to is:

  • More students! Due to strange scheduling issues with advanced math classes at a very small school this year my 2 Spanish II sections include one enormous class, and this one with only 3 very bight students. I would love advice on how to add more enrichment and depth to this class, while trying to stay somewhat with the large class. I would prefer not to add another prep by doing a separate curriculum, but do not want them to get bored. So far, we have just been having more casual conversation in Spanish about the book we are reading, their weekend, or other topics of their interest. I thought about doing some kind of genius hour project with them, but I do not want them to think they are getting "more work" than the other section. I would love any suggestions you may have! 
Have a great weekend!

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