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Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro Ch.6-10 & Final Project

Here are my plans for Chapters 6-10, as well as the final project, of the TPRS Publishing novel Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro

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Since we were reading this novel as a review to start out Spanish II, we started moving a lot quicker the second half of the book, as we all got the hang of it. I plan on reading this book in Spanish I this year, and I know I will go a lot slower, as much of the vocabulary will be new, and not just a review to them. 

Chapter 6 - Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Questions for Chapter 6 found in the TPRS Teachers Guide.
  • I read chapter 6 to the class. Each student had a copy of the novel and followed along. We stopped after each paragraph to discuss, reinforce vocabulary, and check for understanding. 
  • As a class we read and discussed the supplemental reading about Perros Callejeros. We discussed stray dogs in the U.S. as well as what they are called in Latin American countries. 
  • Pre-Reading Discussion Questions for Chapter 7 found in the TPRS Teachers Guide.
  • I read chapter 7 to the class.
  • We discussed the post reading questions as a class. 
  • Pre-Reading Discussion Questions for Chapter 8 found in the TPRS Teachers Guide.
  • I read chapter 8 to the class.
  • The students completed the post reading questions individually in complete sentences as a writing assignment. We then discussed the answers as a class, and allowed students to edit and correct their sentences. 
  • Everyone completed the Listening Comprehension Activity for Chapters 6-8 as a quiz. I read the sentences, and the students had to match the drawing to what part of the story I read to them. Most did a great job. 
  • Pre-Reading Discussion Questions for Chapter 9 found in the TPRS Teachers Guide.
  • I read chapter 9 to the class.
  • Students completed multiple choice comprehension questions as well as a crossword of vocabulary words for fun. 
  • We discussed the comprehension questions as a class.  
  • Pre-Reading Discussion Questions for Chapter 10 found in the TPRS Teachers Guide.
  • I read chapter 10 to the class.
  • Each table was given 10 typed up events from the book to put in order. They discussed as a group in Spanish the sequencing of the events. We then came together as a class to compare the order of events.
  • We discussed the chapter comprehension questions, as well as the book as a whole. 

Final Project - Movie Trailer - Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro

  • I got the idea from the Teachers Guide to have the final project be a movie trailer. Students had the following 2 options
    • Create a the written script for the movie trailer for the novel. It should be long enough describe the high points of the book, as well as grab the attention of the audience. It should be creative and not just a summary of the novel. 
    • Work with a partner & actually create a movie trailer video for class from the script. The pair would turn in one script and one video.
  • When I teach the novel again, I will encourage more people to actually create a movie trailer. I feel those who completed them got a lot more out of them. They were also very entertaining for everyone to watch. Below is a video made by 2 students. 

Overall my first time teaching Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro went very well! I would love suggestions for round two later this year. 


  1. awesome recap! I am about to start the novel with my Spa's! I am brand new at this school and the previous Spanish teacher didn't seem to do much of anything. Ill definitely be using your tips!
    When do you think will be a good time to start with spanish 1? Next semester? Im am mostly following martina bex's plans but still unsure about when to start a novel...
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Thanks! I am actually thinking about starting it slowly with my level 1 class 2nd quarter. I think they would benefit so much from the input of the novel at this point. Good luck!

  2. Allison, the movie trailer idea isn't in the French teacher's guide, but I love the idea! Could you provide a little more information about what technology the students used to complete it, whether or not you gave them class time to make the videos, and how you graded it?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hello!

      When I did this the main assignment was to create a movie trailer script. I graded it as a presentation writing with a performance based rubric with the goal as novice high. (Novice high-A, novice mid-B, novice low-C). Actually making the video was an optional extension if they wanted to work with a partner. I believe I had a couple days in class to work, but must chose to actually film outside of class. If they filmed they used whatever equipment they have, so most just used a cell phone.

      If you send me an email at Allison.Wienhold@gmail I can share what I have.


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